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If you see from your child's angle, Mothers's pride is meaningfully built, nicely equipped, hygienic, secure & Air Conditioned with congenial atmosphere for encouraging learning.


Caring and experienced teachers are our central force. The best selected teachers are further trained by the expert resource person.

Activity Oriented Learning

Mother's Pride has modern facilities and infrastructure; teachers have ideal teaching tools and equipment through which they can teach in a better way.


Children are fully of curiosity and wonder Mother's pride assist them to satisfy these by providing right opportunities to experiment with their ideas and gain direct experience.

Play As You Learn

Sound Foundation

The school prepares the sound foundation of the children which helps them to become brilliant future students because:
*Children are encouraged to play with computers, projector is used to present lessons in a moving form like movies, It is an air conditioned school....

Motherly Affection

Motherly Affection is helpful to create love for learning....


Learning Kits like Mazes, Flash cards, Puzzles are used to make the children learn independently but under observation....

Cognitive & sensory

Cognitive & sensory exercices make sound foundation for higher studies, School provides them social and moral ettiquettes....


Here students enjoy learning, Public speaking exercise are provided.....


Attitude & aptitude are studied before teaching, the staff is trained for nursery classes & Arrangement for infant creche....

With Mother's Pride Play School & Creche

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Our Staffs

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